Hobbes, the philosopher not the tiger…

The tiger… of Calvin and Hobbes
Hobbes the Philosopher…
We’re talking about Hobbes in class tomorrow…
This discussion is always pretty fun, because Hobbes is kinda bad-ass.  He asks the question, “why would someone who is able to do whatever he wants obey social rules?”.
His answer is that they want to benefit from the Social Contract — the tacit agreement that we all obey the rules of society in order to gain the benefits of living in a society.
Generally, my students dig Hobbes — until we get into the nitty-gritty… the provision that the society doesn’t need to protect those who can’t contribute.  Generally, that includes folks who are handicapped in some way.   When I tell them that those folks MAY be included, but aren’t covered by Hobbes’ theory, they get uncomfortable.
I like that they’re uncomfortable — it says a lot about the next generation…

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