Get caught cheating…

I caught someone plagiarizing just now…

It was a good student s/he has been in class.  I suspect the reason was more like a lack of confidence than a real desire to cheat.

Nonetheless, s/he copied from the internet, directly.  I Googled an unusual sentence and the article popped up.

Believe me, I don’t go looking for plagiarism, but when I read something that is obviously beyond the course content AND there is no citation, I copy and paste it into Google and see if someone else has had a similar thought.  In this case, it was word for word from the internet.

I’m disappointed — s/he is a good student who seems to understand the class.  I don’t want to give the student a 0 on a big assignment, but I really have to.  I’ll talk to hir, but I don’t think there is anything s/he can say to explain this sort of thing — especially when I explicitly discussed copy and pasting into the exam.

Sigh — I hate this kind of thing…


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