Be a college professor…

I love me some Professor McGonagall — she’s kinda my hero!!

Did  you ever wonder what  your proffies were doing when we aren’t teaching?

My Grandpa Marv once picked a fight with me by saying “college professors only work 9 hours a week” — ummm…. no.  At the time I was in grad school and teaching 5 classes at three different schools — I didn’t have time to sleep, eat or pee — and I was certainly working more than 9 hour per week.

As a “full-time unlimited faculty member” (UFT), I’m expected to take on more than just teaching, meeting with students and class preparation.  All of that is nearly a full-time job — especially for new UFT folks, but once I have my classes more or less the way I like them, it’s not all that time consuming (shhh — don’t tell ) ).  My job duties also include staying current in my discipline and developing new classes (more on the last one later, as I do just that!!).  Folks at “research” schools have a requirement to write original research and publish — and you’ve been reading the results of that in your college career….

What I want to tell you about is our “service” requirement.  More or less this means serving on committees.  On college campuses, it’s committees that get stuff done and make decisions.  I’ve been on a wide variety of committees at Century including hiring committees (like or hate some new faculty, I had something to do with that…), assessment committees and special event committees.

My most recent project is the Century Conference Committee — we’re planning the Conference that will happen on April 20.  It’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of fun.  I’m the chair, so I do a lot of the organizing and paperwork side of things.

Since I saw my last class on Thursday morning I’ve been busy shaping the program for the conference.  It means lots of detailed work, editing session descriptions and generally making sure that when  you come to the conference, things go well.

The great thing about committees that work is that I get to know faculty members from across the campus.  The conference committee has been spectacular in that they do what they say they’re going to do and they do it without a lot of fuss and hassle.

So — if I seem a little crazy between now and April 20, you’ll know what’s up.

Another of my on-going duties is being Humanities Department Chair — which pretty much means that I meet with the Dean and the Academic Vice President on a regular basis and make sure that the Humanities faculty knows what’s going on in the college.  I also work with the schedule and budgets for each discipline.  That’s a bunch of detail work and it’s never done…

So — if you wonder why I’m not sitting in my office waiting for you to drop by, it’s because I have work to do and my work often happens better at Dunn Brothers or in the hallway outside the east campus VCT area than in my office… ).


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