… Get out of your comfort zone..

This is a diagram of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.. The allegory is applied to a wide variety of themes within Plato — one of the broadest themes is that, in order to learn something new (about yourself or the world) you need to get beyond where you are comfortable.

Also — the people that get really good at this and try to help others often get killed — Plato’s Cave and the similarities between Socrates and Jesus made me say once, “they killed Jesus (supposed to be Socrates), because he was mean to people”…

The point is that I spent the day getting out of my comfort zone — in a very good way.

As a philosopher, I’m very verbal and very text oriented — I read, write, think, repeat — and I’ve been doing it since about 1996 (don’t do the math, it’s been a long time!).  I use PowerPoint in class, but almost all of them are 100% text, which I use to remind my students what the text says…

Today I spent the afternoon at the Century video club’s Film Festival — about 20 student / faculty films — mostly under 10 minutes — and a lot of the story is told without words…

Then Andy and I went on a photo trip in the Cities… He took some fantastic photos, many of which will probably end up in future PowerPoints :).

The thing that was good was that I wasn’t in my usual element.  I had to think visually — process information in a way that wasn’t my normal realm.  I kind of understand how students in their first philosophy class feel when I ask them what they think about an article — and they look at me with a blank expression.

When Andy asked me which photos I liked, I had the blank expression — to me they all looked good.

So, get out of your comfort zone — it will make your comfort zone bigger and make  you better at what you do inside your zone…


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  1. CJ

    Fun… you only grow when you get out of your comfort zone.

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