Welcome to my class…

Thank you for choosing Steck Philosophy, I hope you enjoy the ride…

There are a few basic rules for getting along in my classroom… and they all fall under the general heading, “don’t be an asshat”.

1) Read the syllabus and class schedule — really, I’m not kidding.  I wrote it for a reason, and not having to answer the same question from multiple students is that reason.  Also, I took pains to make it cover a variety of situations, so find your situation and you’ll have the answer.

2) Be respectful of me and others — this includes in class and online.  Part of being respectful toward me is not lying to me — really, don’t bother.  I don’t want to get into the game of judging what’s a good excuse and what isn’t… so tell me the truth or just “I can’t be there” is sufficient.  You’re paying for the class, I won’t teach the material twice, so figure it out if  you miss something.

Also, try to be on time and try not to leave early — leaving early is worse than being late, unless you’re always late…. then it’s just being lazy.

3) Do your homework.  It seems simple, but you’ll get a lot more out of the class if you actually do the homework than if you just come to class.  Learning something complex like philosophy takes three exposures — class should be the second — and your test / paper / writing assignment is the third.

4) Ask if you have questions — just ask it… don’t be shy.  It’s better to ask a question that everyone else has the answer to than to be confused and miss part of the class material.


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