Virtue Ethics…

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This is Aristotle — yes, according to Monty Python he’s a buggar for the bottle…

He also had a very interesting idea about what it means to be ethical — his idea is that a person is being a good person when they are being virtuous.

Now — it seems kind of circular, as Aristotle says that virtue is what a virtuous person would do… .so, he needed more information.

The general idea is that a virtuous person hits the “mean” between two extremes — so, bravery is between cowardice and foolish risks etc…

The problem with this theory is that it’s kind of vague, and seems to be insufficient compared to the rules based theories that came after it -0

Then again, it’s a pretty good way to live a life — and, in the end, that’s the purpose of ethics, to create the conditions for a good life.


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