Dear Professor…

“I don’t have grades for three papers, so it says I failed.  I cannot fail this class, please correct this”…

Umm… a quick look at the grade book shows only a few grades for ALL of the online work.  That’s another reason to fail the class.  Strangely enough, this student is missing grades for BOTH group papers, and his final paper.  I wonder — the group is responsible for putting the names of the participating group members on the papers.  Missing one may be my mistake, but missing both is another story.

I’m checking with the other members of the group he claims to have been in.  We’ll see what they have to say — I seem to recall them saying that they had a no-show member.
Moral of the story — Don’t write these kinds of e-mails — it doesn’t work.  If you really want to pass a class that is conducted partially on-line, my best suggestion is to actually DO the on-line work… hmmmm….

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