A quickie…

This post caught my eye…

The original piece discusses how a professor is freakishly fast at answering e-mail questions and uses e mail to teach writing in real-time — nearly.

The blog that pointed it out noted that the author of the original piece sometimes has e-mail exchanges 40 messages long.  The blog author noted that it would be difficult to implement this in his own office because he has — wait for it — 100 students in a semester…

Cry me a river — really.  In the fall I’ll have a course release and 170 students — without the course release I’d probably be at about 220…

ummm… yea — it’s a great idea if you have nothing better to do than answer a billion e-mails from students, so I agree that the blogger’s criticism was correct, but even with 100 students it’s probably doable to some extent.  Not so with 170 plus department chair duties or 220 without…


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