Loving teaching ethics!

ummm… this isn’t how it works… trust me :).
Today I was explaining Kant — yea, he’s a buggar, but get over it — he has sum good stuff to say.  As I did it, I realized that I love explaining ethics to my students.  I have a lot of ethics background, my dissertation is in ethics and generally it’s fun stuff to explore.  I like that there aren’t any “RIGHT” as in empirically verifiable answers.  Instead, there are ideas about how we should act.
I also love teaching logic, but for different reasons — there are “RIGHT” answers and students “get” it.  In Ethics, students have to struggle with the material.  They mull it over, they consider it, they argue with it and they eventually understand the basics (I hope).
Maybe what has me excited about teaching Ethics right now is that we’re doing a pilot program to work on reducing class sizes in that course.  Next semester I’ll teach two face to face courses.  One with 30 students and another with 50.  The same basic material, but different teaching and assessment techniques.  The hope is that the students in the 30 student section will do better in some measurable way than students in the larger section.
I’m also going to teach it 100% online for the first time — which should be a whole new experience in and of itself.

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