What is a good person..

Virtue ethics seeks, not to impose some abstract rules, but rather to figure out what makes a person a good person?

I think that Aristotle had an idea that a good person is someone who makes contributions to their society, treats others well and who strives to better themselves.  They have qualities that help others better themselves and that make the world a better place.

It’s complicated to be and become a good person.  You need to balance what’s good for yourself against what’s good for others.  It’s often difficult to know which decision will end up to be the best thing.  The good thing about virtue ethics is that the assessment of whether or not a person is a good person happens over the span of a lifetime and not concerning any individual action or situation.

So, in the end, being a virtuous person is a goal — trying to be so is a path we should all be on — it’s still an open question as to how far you can fall off the path and still be permitted to get back on.  hmmmm…


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