Late work sucks…

I’ll admit, I’m kind of a softie during the semester.  I’ll generally take late work with a decent excuse.

This semester in logic I had two online quizzes without closing dates… which kind of blew their little minds.  I told them when I’d need the data — if they wanted to be exempt from the exam, I needed their quiz scores by the time I made that decision… after that, they’re taking the exam.  period.  The ones who missed that deadline and took the exam had to have their quizzes completed by the time I calculate their final grades.

I’m not so soft when it comes to “I thought the final was on Thursday”… ummm.. nope.  I put it on the board, I told them and I expect them to come in when I’m giving the final — which wasn’t on Thursday this week.

As for papers, I expect them in my office, on paper, by the deadline… and I’m not about to take e-mailed papers… that’s a pain in my backside and it’s all due to a student’s inability to follow directions.  If the student can’t meet the deadline, I’m not sure why I should go out of my way, print the paper for them, and grade it.

The thing is, grades need to be final sometime.  period.  That time is now —

The result is that some students will have to learn to follow directions the hard way — and I’m ok with that.


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