Logic Rock Star?

Somehow, this dude is trying to sex up logic…

Women in sexy schoolgirl costumes, lots of Tits and Ass and — perhaps even more disturbing is the lighting of the photo… the women are in shadow… accessories to the big, smart, MALE logic professor.

These photos are similar to ones my partner took for a photo shoot for a rock band —


The women were paid models, the context is a hard rock photo shoot and the point was to get some pretty girls around the soon-to-be rock stars.  Those photos were fair enough and not offensive to me — but in the context of a website announcing a Logic course. this is just terrible.

Considering the abysmal statistics concerning women in philosophy — you can look them up on the APA website, if you can make it work.. and my own observation that women are better at logic in my classes than men, this sucks.

I have to wonder, given the brief CV found on his website (among media information… gag!) whether this dude isn’t just playing around with sexism, rather due to the fact that he has considerable influence in his editor duties for a major philosophy journal, I have to wonder if he isn’t perpetuating the sexism that has crippled philosophy so far.

My main concern is that he’s the editor of Synthese — a major publication in philosophy…



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