Knowing how to fly

Seeing the gulls on Lake Superior got me to thinking..  it’s an occupational hazard for philosophers :).

I’ve always struggled with the idea of communicating the concept of an individual person’s perspective and how it shapes their thinking in multiple ways.

Then I saw the seagulls, and I realized that I can’t know what it means to be a creature that flies.  If you fly, your world has different dimensions, you have different rules of physics you need to obey.  You have multiple considerations that differ from those of us who are earthbound.

Likewise, the gull can’t understand what it’s like NOT to be able to fly.  Just like we learned to walk, they learned how to fly — early — and their physiology assumes flight, as do their modes of thinking and living in the world.  Perhaps they can imagine what it’s like to be earthbound, but not really because the nature of their creaturehood isn’t an earthbound creature.



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