Perspective…via LOL Cats…


Philosophy asks this question in a variety of ways… and the answer seems to be that, perhaps you can’t know if you’re upside down or not — OR, it doesn’t matter because you always see things from your own point of view…



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2 responses to “Perspective…via LOL Cats…

  1. Disillusioned

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    Egocentricity is something only other people exhibit.

  2. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes, we can only see from our point of view. Nothing wrong, if one regularly puts your view to the test. Yes. one must pouts their own beliefs through scrutiny at all times. Yes, questioning l must occur, of all.

    With luck, we may get it right.

    What is most important, is what one is aiming for. That is where things get tricky.

    This is the fact we seem to have lost at this time. All are at one another throats about process and policy.

    What one does not hear from this government, and few others, is what are we aiming for.

    It appears that Abbott, as he told that year four class, we all want a wealthy country, That it is all about money. You hear about taxpayers being ripped off by unemployed and those on welfare. Are not we all taxpayers. Well at least for most of the time./ Do we not all benefited from education of all. Do not we all enjoy the fruits of the money the government invests in this country’s future. Who are these mysterious taxpayers, that Abbott claims to be defending.

    I do not agree that it is all about wealth and the economy. It is about how this rich nation, and rich it is, can distributed that money for the benefitted of all. Yes, it is a fair and just society, that we should be all aiming for.

    No wealth can be created without the low payed, the toilet cleaners and others. That seems to have been forgotten by many, It rakes capital and labour, under all systems of belief. The difference seem to be, who gets the biggest slice of the pie.

    Some only see debt, others like me, see the same money the government spends as investment.

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