We ARE a small business..


When Mitt Romney talked about helping small businesses, it made my heart warm and cold all at the same time… You see, we started a small business last month — officially… we did the paperwork, got a tax ID number, established a DBA and bought equipment.

My partner knows how to make picture frames — I have some organizational sense and I’m minimally competent with Excel — and we work well together.  Add to that the economics of picture framing and our desire to frame our own stuff to sell and — voila, a business was born.

Here’s the thing — neither of us is quitting our full-time occupations to do this.  Neither of us has parents we can borrow money from to start it… and it’s unlikely that our frame shop will EVER have more than one employee or be able to offer health insurance…

I listened carefully when Mittens was talking about supporting small businesses and I didn’t hear anything that persuaded me to go his way… nothing at all.

On taxes — If our frame shop nets 250K in a year, I’d gladly pay a higher tax rate… and we might even have a shop that isn’t in our second bedroom.

On health insurance — I have it, because of my job — and if I wanted to quit my job, insurance would be a major reason to stay… unless our country comes up with a better alternative than is currently available… “Obama-care” is a step in the right direction…

On tax loopholes, deductions etc… we aren’t in that category, and Mittens claims that closing them will solve our deficit problem… um, nope.

As a small business owner, I don’t see Romney as helpful… not at all.

We also don’t do pinkwashing around here…



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