The Minnesota DNR has concluded that hunting wolves won’t create “irreparable harm”… umm.. WHAT?

A good friend and avid hunter is completely against the wolf hunt.  I think his reasoning is sound.

He argues that wolves live in a highly structured pack.  To kill a leader of that pack is akin to killing the parent of children, except that wolves don’t have social services and extended families to take up the leadership roles.  Without the alpha male or female, a pack can’t hunt effectively and often dies.

So, now the state of Minnesota has declared a hunting season acceptable — Wolves aren’t like deer or birds, who live in herds or flocks — a pack hunts in an organized fashion with each member of the pack having an important role in the hunt.  Taking away a member of the pack is wrong, pure and simple.

Additionally, wolves aren’t a danger to human beings and are rarely a danger to cattle.  Current law permits farmers to protect their herds.  A hunt isn’t necessary to do this.

Deer hunting can be justified because human beings have killed most of their natural predators, thus leaving an excess of deer — many of which would die of starvation if the herd isn’t culled by us.

Finally, wolf simply isn’t good eating — the purpose of the hunt (6,000 hunters will be going after 400 wolves) is pure ego and the desire for a trophy.  It makes me ill.



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