Sex and the military… Petraeus and others…

I’m kind of amazed that the world is so concerned with the Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley thing...

It’s kind of sad and creepy that Broadwell got jealous, threatened Kelley and the whole thing ended up being investigated by the FBI — and, if you read the article, it seems that Kelley is in “close” contact with whichever General is in charge in Afghanistan — in order to increase her social standing… kinda sounds like shagging for a promotion to me…  The only thing that troubles me about this is that Petraeus seems to have broken CIA rules against extra-marital affairs, and he’s the one in charge of enforcing those rules.  Otherwise, it seems like a kind of sad, cheating kind of thing.. nothing all that unusual.  I feel for his wife, of course — but, what they did has limited moral impacts  and those impacts end where individual people have been hurt.  period.

Contrast this with the fact that EVERY FOUR HOURS a sexual assault is REPORTED in the military… and, this says nothing about the assaults that are attempted and/or not reported.

So — a high-powered woman (Broadwell) has consensual sex with a high-powered man…. over and over again.  Over a period of years — they both knew it was wrong and hid it from their families… she flips a lid, writes threatening e-mails to another chick (I use this term because she’s clearly a uses-sex-to-get-power type..), the chick flips out and the FBI investigates… it hits the national news and there’s a huge call for more “ethics” education (whatever that means, I’m for hire — it will cost ya, I have a PhD in the stuff, ya know… ) and a huge amount of press.

Meanwhile, every day 6 women report sexual assault in the military.  6 — that’s twice the number of people who volunteered to be involved in this “scandal” — being assaulted.  They didn’t “ask” for their assailant to have sex with them, they gained nothing (arguably, both Broadwell and Kelley gained a lot from their involvement) and the military treats women who had sexual trauma while in uniform like whistleblowers.. i.e. they are to be hushed, transferred etc.. while their assailants are permitted to keep their jobs.. 

This is seriously messed up, folks…

What’s even more messed up about this is that the number is probably quite low — given the general perception of women in the military (not as good as the boys.. ) and the overall stigma surrounding sexual assault.  I’m guessing that the situation must be quite bad in order for a woman to decide to report her attack…

I should be quite clear, my ex was in the military for a long time while we were married.  I know plenty of good, honest, non-raping types who just want to do their jobs, serve their country, and get back to their families when they’re done.  In fact, the large majority of the military is like this — But, like any other slice of the population you also have domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse and sexual predators in the military.  There are programs, services and means of dealing with all of the above — except sexual predators.. and that’s where the military is lacking.  If there is no clear path for punishment, then why report it and get yourself into a hassle — and this lets the predator keep going after fresh prey…


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