Well, it’s been a while..

Northern lights..

Yep, I’ve been on sabbatical…. and a couple of weeks ago my partner took this photo of the Northern Lights — pretty cool, huh?

I had the idea that I’d write a lot here during my sabbatical, but it turns out that I didn’t…. oops.  That doesn’t mean that I’ve been slacking off (although I’m good at that 🙂 )… I’ve been working on two new courses, Business Ethics and Environmental Ethics.  Look for them in the fall and spring next year.

Sabbatical has been excellent for my teaching, since I’m ready to teach some more :).  I’ve done some traveling, took some photos and had a lot of time to think — which is kind of the point of a sabbatical.  I’ve also thought a lot about how to help my students succeed, and I’ve come up with the idea that every student has good thoughts — and philosophy is supposed to help them get to the next level by giving them the structure to make good arguments — so, we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll be blogging a lot more here as my summer courses get rolling.  I may not always post on your class topic during your unit, but I’m pretty sure that most of your topics have been covered here.. so look in the archives.


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