Malice 1

Photo credit:  Andrew Smith, models:  Malice

Moms pass on expectations..

This is an excellent article, and a great example of how the patriarchy functions in a less than subtle manner… women passing on the messages they receive about how they should look.  When a girl takes that message from her mom and passes it on to her daughter, no men had to be involved…

Sometimes I think that what women do to one another is perhaps the saddest part of the patriarchy.  It’s sort of like when the less-than-popular kids pick on one another, even though they’re ALL getting picked on by the rest of the kids.

I really think it’s sad when women grow up (as is clear in the article) thinking that their only value is their beauty.  When their beauty fades, they feel as if they have no value.  They transmit those ideas to their daughters, who are likely to end up looking like their mothers, and the cycle continues.

If a woman is fortunate, she’s developed something to go along with her good looks.  Hopefully she’s kind, considerate, smart, compassionate or has some kind of skill to offer society.  In a way (perhaps a snarky, mean-spirited way), I feel for women who have relied on their looks to get by — probably because they could, they took advantage of their natural gifts and used them to get what they need/want.  The thing is, if that’s the path they choose, perhaps they really DON’T have something to offer once their beauty fades.

Yea — maybe I’m fortunate not to have been born thin and beautiful — the world did me no favors because of my looks and as a result, I had to figure out how to make a life that doesn’t depend on my looks.  Now as my friends/peers find that 44 isn’t the new 24, that the world doesn’t treat them well, that they’re invisible in that middle-aged mom sort of way — I have something some of them don’t..


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June 7, 2013 · 2:12 pm

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