There is no such thing as institutional racism… according to this judge..

Yea — right…. 

So, once I had a debater who had a hard time not saying really outrageous things — he was a generally decent dude, but when he got into the heat of competition he’d say things like “Muslims (perhaps it was arabs… it’s been a while) are predisposed to violence”… As you might imagine, when he said that the judge (and a good friend of mine, still) came to me.  I sat him down and told him how wrong he is — he learned.

It turns out, my freshman community college debater learned what Judge Edith Jones has not — that it simply isn’t the case that any group is inherently more violent, prone to commit crime or whatnot.  

It IS the case that particular groups are more likely to be ARRESTED for crimes, for example black folks are four times as likely to be arrested for possession of pot than white folks — even though they tend to USE pot at about the same rate.  Nope — according to Judge Jones the system is ok, it’s those minority people who are broken.

Add to the broken system the fact that relatively minor convictions are a gateway to larger convictions — mostly because criminal background checks make it hard to get a job or a place to live — and you have large segments of our society who are at a substantially higher risk of being in prison than white and Asian folks.  That’s wrong — and we all know it.

It makes me really sad to think that she’s presiding over death penalty cases — the death penalty is a much more common sentence if the person convicted is non-Caucasian.  For her not to understand that is tragic.


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June 8, 2013 · 9:37 pm

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