Of course there’s not such thing as institutional racism…

A perfect example of DWB (driving while black) — The retired fireman changed his own personal schedule so that he and his wife (a nurse who works 12 hour shifts) could be on the same sleep pattern.  He was swimming at the gym that night, so his eyes were bloodshot.  When he was stopped, he advised the officers that he had bad knees and a bad hip, with a replacement surgery schedule in the next couple of days.  He failed their field sobriety test and they took him to jail..

So, while in jail he blows a 0.000 BAC.  A drug recognition expert says that he never should have been arrested.  They charge him with a DUI and suspend his license, they also impound his car.  His wife had to bail him out of jail.  Eventually the DUI charge was dropped, but the whole deal cost him about $5,000. He’s suing, and he should.


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June 10, 2013 · 8:27 am

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