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Fetal sex selection…

… the Republicans scream about it, use it as the only reason feminists can support to ban abortion — and if you look at countries and cultures where women are de-valued, then I’m divided.

But — and this is a big one — in western countries couples are choosing IVF embryos by gender, and flying to New York to do so.  It seems that where women seem to be considered full-persons, they also choose to do procedures that will guarantee the gender of their yet-to-be-born child.

Is this a real concern?  Should it be illegal here as it is in the U.K.?  The article doesn’t indicate which gender gets preference, only that it happens here too — at the pre-implantation stage.  I’m not so sure that I actually care that it happens.

Embryos can be chosen for a variety of reasons — and often there are several equally healthy embryos to choose from — so, why is gender a reason not to pick one over the other?  A family may already have a son or daughter and wants the opposite — OR they may want another child of the same gender.  As long as the reason for choosing isn’t something archaic like favoring boy children in the culture, does it matter?


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June 15, 2013 · 5:56 pm

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