Timely “justice”.. or, rush to kill them.. you choose…

So, in Florida 1 of every 4 death row inmates is exonerated… yep, for every three that are executed, one is proven not-guilty — often after 15 or 20 years on death row.

Now Florida, in a rush to be more like Texas (‘cuz who wouldn’t… duh) wants to make a state law that requires an execution to happen no less than 180 days (yep, 6ish months) after the first set of appeals.  No more free lunches and gym memberships (such as they are) or comfy accommodations for these supposedly bad boys — within 6 months Florida wants you off of death row in a pine box.

Wow.. just, well, wow — given the horrendous state of the Florida death penalty system, one in which the public defenders often have NO experience or guidance about the most difficult and important kind of cases — and one in which exculpatory evidence is often just not presented until years later — why not rush to the electric chair and save the embarrassment of having to apologize to the 1 in 4 death row inmates who have been wrongly locked up?


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June 15, 2013 · 6:39 pm

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