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Where are the women in philosophy?

Fascinating article — and one that makes me sad at the same time.

The gist of it is that women tend to enroll in the first philosophy course at about the same rate as men, but they don’t take a second course or go on to major in philosophy.  As I’ve long suspected, part of the problem is that women (like ethnic minorities) tend to see college as a direct path to a career and they don’t see themselves as being potential philosophers.  That’s true, with a BA… and, really even getting a Ph.D. is no guarantee of employment.  They also don’t see philosophy as relevant to their lives… and they notice the lack of female authors on the syllabus.

I have to wonder if the results would have been different had they looked at an Ethics course?  In an applied ethics course, many more of the authors are women — because as the field developed it was seen as less than intellectually demanding, so it was easier for women to get published.


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June 17, 2013 · 2:53 pm

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