Why Men should be feminists too..

Somehow I thought this was simply understood — but, perhaps it needs to be articulated..

The civil rights movement would have failed completely without outside support.  Think about a social movement like a car stuck in the snow… the car/driver wants to move in it’s own direction but without some outside help, it’s all spinning wheels.

Likewise, feminism can’t be restricted to women — men need to participate too.  It’s a fact of the matter that men have power in the world — and unless they recognize the impact of that power, things won’t change.

So — for all the feminist men out there — keep up the good work.

If you’re either male or female and don’t realize what feminism IS — this is a good article to read.  The power structures of our society are socially constructed, which means they aren’t part of the ‘natural’ physical world — so, unlike gravity, we can change them.

My view of a perfect world would be one in which we no longer need a feminist movement.  Instead, we can treat one another as individuals who deserve respect.  period.


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June 20, 2013 · 2:43 pm

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