Susan Sarandon on legalizing pot..

She seems to have it right — and, the statistics back her up!!

Our “war on drugs” has nefarious roots — historically, the people who produced alcohol and cigarettes had a stronger and more organized presence in Washington DC.  The folks who were growing weed in their back yards etc.. didn’t have the money to be influential.  Thus, marijuana was made illegal to cut down on the competition for the folks who sold booze and smokes.

The concept of the “gateway” drug was introduced later, in order to scare people away from smoking pot.  There is little evidence to support the assertion that smoking pot will lead to a lifelong addiction to stronger stuff.

It’s also the case that our prohibition on weed has serious implications for Mexico.  It’s the basis for a large gang that makes its money importing pot into the U.S.  They terrorize local folks, intimidate the local police and generally wreak havoc in their country.  Without the money that comes from pot sales in the U.S., their power would decline.

It seems to make sense to me to legalize it, regulate it, and tax it to help states struggling with rising costs and declining federal dollars.  I’m sure the same folks who wanted it illegal in the first place will play their political games to try to prevent it, but the boomers know more about the recreational use of pot than prior generations (according to Sarandon) and I hope that they’ll use their activist skills to make it legal beyond Washington and Colorado.


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June 23, 2013 · 1:08 pm

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