same-sex marriage

Take that gay-haters!!

I first encountered Westboro Baptist Church near their home in Topeka, KS.. they were protesting outside of Washburn University because the university admitted gay students.  Yep, they hate gay folks enough to protest their ability to get an education.  They later went on to protest Matthew Shepard’s funeral, the funerals of teenagers who committed suicide because they were gay, and the funerals of Iraq/Afghanistan vets they suspected of being gay.

When I use the word “church” in reference to them, it really means Fred Phelps and his twisted family.  It seems that their project is to go around making sure that everyone knows that “God hates fags” — They won the right to construct a monument in Laramie WY that reads, in part, ______________ date (the date of Matthew Sheppard’s death due to hate crime in Laramie) is the day Matthew Sheppard entered hell.  Yep — their message is clear and it’s all hate, all the time.

Which is what makes it so wonderful that across the street from their headquarters is a place called “Equality House”, and even better that two women got married on the front lawn of Equality house, right in front of Westboro Baptist Church.. YEA


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June 23, 2013 · 1:20 pm

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