Freedom Feminism.. hell yes!!

What an excellent article, one that describes my view of feminism…

Feminism isn’t about women being inherently superior to men — that just turns the causal arrow of sexism.. as does man-hating.  IF you treat a person differently because of their sex, that’s sexism pure and simple.  IF you assume that a person fits into some socially constructed category because of their sex, that’s sexism.

Freedom Feminism wants everyone to make their own decisions as to how they act, whom they love, how they live their lives, and what they enjoy.  If you’re a man who enjoys traditionally “male” things — great.. and if you’re a woman who enjoys those things — great.. same for traditionally “female” things.  In the end, people should just be people.

What this means is that we ought to be concerned about structures that limit the trajectories of persons based on their sex.  This is of special concern in other countries.  Many women across the world live in terrible conditions and they wouldn’t if they were men.  period.  That’s wrong — and most folks would (and should) agree.  It would be an amazing world if Freedom Feminism didn’t need to exist — but it does need to exist.. so — we all ought to be Freedom Feminists.

Freedom feminism is important.  Live it!


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June 25, 2013 · 2:27 pm

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