In case you’re keeping track of me…


Yesterday we drove to St. Louis from St. Paul — down the “Avenue of the Saints” route — which was pretty long, but a beautiful trip!!  We ended up in downtown St. Louis, intending a quick visit to the Arch — and ended up in a weird 4th of July festival with about a billion other people.

We got lost on the way out of St. Louis — turns out there are a gillion different interstates in that area and none of them make sense… after crossing into East. St. Louis, IL — we finally got going the right way– to (I’m not making this up) Festus MO.  

In Festus I met a man who just retired from a job, part of which was starting the Veterans helping Veterans program — I had a couple of chats with the front desk clerk — she told me about her views on how the Pakistani owners of our hotel treat their women.. I gave her the perspectives I’ve gained from my Muslim female students about their traditional dress — and we agreed that folks view things in a wide variety of ways.. 

Today we drove south to Memphis — stopping at Patty Ann’s Chicken and BBQ in Hayti MO– there was a huge plastic chicken on the roof, it was bound to be good..After a couple of hours to get and eat the food, we were on our way south again — 

Apparently our geography isn’t great, we didn’t realize we’d be in Arkansas for a while — but, we survived, bringing our northern-liberal-hippie-feminist ways… 

Eventually we made it to the vicinity of our hotel, only to be stumped as to how to ACTUALLY get there — eventually the front desk clerk stayed on the phone with me while we drove :). — 

Tonight was BBQ in downtown Memphis, by the Lorriaine hotel, were Dr. King was killed.  It’s a museum now — then Beale street — which is sort of like the Vegas strip, only with blues music.

Tomorrow — New Orleans — here we come!


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