We’ve landed…

We’ve landed in Orlando — we’ll be here until after your class is over (just after, so your final grades may not be submitted until the August 12 deadline).

The good news is that my Aunt Shirley’s internet works outside by her pool — :).  So, that’s where I’ll be doing my grading 🙂 — I’ll have my partner to bring me fruity drinks, but no booze until after the online teaching is done… on occasion grading may make me want to drink, but I know it’s not a good way to go about my life, so I’ll abstain :).

Just so ya know — there are some odd things about the south — before nearly EVERY bridge from southern Missouri to Pensacola Florida there’s a sign that says “bridge ices before road” — EVERY single bridge… umm— duh, I thought.  Then I realized that as a northern gal, I knew that before I could drive… 

Folks are very friendly in the south.  I met one of my favorite people in NOLA (New Orleans for those of you not wanting to be from there) at the front desk of my hotel.  The person presented as female, with a deep voice.  They said their name was “Troy” — I’m thinking Troy is also a drag-queen… and that’s just fine with me.  Troy called me “sugar”, “honey”, “sweetie”, “doll” and “honey-child” within the first two conversations.  I have to say, I loved Troy from the start.  

It turns out that the Caffe Dumond is a must-see/eat and it’s open 24-hours… so you can have a bignet and coffe any time you want, hun… any time.  It seems to be run by a whole crew of Asian women who are fast and wonderful.

They wash the streets in the French Quarter on Tuesday mornings — if you’re sensitive to smells go on Tuesday morning — early… 

And, if you have the chance go — by all means… 


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