I wrote about the McGinn thing a couple of days ago.. it’s more about my experience than anything… 

This piece criticizes the NYT’s reporting on the case.  I think the best point is that by NOT including some of the text of the e-mails etc.. that have already been made public, the case seems weaker than it is.  I thought that when I read the original article.. The NYT, by not wanting to offend the sensibilities of their readers, omitted the supposedly salacious details.

The thing is, by doing so it makes McGinn’s defense seem more plausible and thus his leaving the university seem less fair.  Since many of his OWN blog posts have now been taken down, you’ll have to trust me when I say that his attitude was horrific.. he really didn’t seem to think he’d done anything wrong when he told a grad student that he thought about her while masterbating — that he had other kinds of fantasies about her — that he essentially saw her as a f*ck-toy, and her way to become a prominent philosopher was by getting intimate with him.  

That’s the worst of the worst kind of crap that other women have had to deal with in philosophy for way too long… it’s bad enough that philosophy is more or less an intellectual combat sport (I like that aspect of it 🙂  — the debate coach in me, I suppose)… It’s bad enough that our discipline is rather obsessed with rankings of graduate departments and those rankings impact the job prospects of new Ph.Ds — It’s already bad enough that if your dissertation adviser isn’t great at networking, YOUR job prospects are rather limited — it isn’t bad enough that the unemployment rate for philosophers is super-high… then to add to that the experiences of women across the discipline — as shown by the What it’s like to be a woman in philosophy blog..

Then to have the NYT minimize the power of the complaint is just one more little thing.. ish. 


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August 6, 2013 · 12:07 pm

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