Is this the new feminism — or just the SoS?

It seems that the new trend is gals behaving like “bros” — you know, the drink-til-you-drop, f*uck it all kind of attitude.. At Princeton, the closest thing to Animal House is getting more applications from women than men.. they seem to think that the rules of behavior in other organizations are restrictive and they want someplace to hang out and get wild…

I have to wonder, is this about actual choice or just jumping into the dominant culture because it’s there?  The article points out that if this kind of party-till-you-puke becomes the norm, it’s just a new set of expectations on women.. I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case, BUT — it’s interesting that smart college women are seeing the real value in those organizations — networking… the idea seems to be that the friends that puke together work together later..

A really disgusting article I refuse to link to includes a letter from someone similar to the bros in the Princeton club — he’s looking to recruit some of his frat brothers to his venture capital firm — and will give preference to bros who can get the best “slampieces” — Which makes me wonder if the bro-club at Princeton is recruiting women because it’s convenient to have their slampieces in the club..


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August 6, 2013 · 11:20 am

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