Another face of male privilege..

The author is talking about females in the tech sector — and how the standard seems to be a woman who is brilliant at her job, socially perfect, beautiful and a good cook.. i.e. some kind of superwoman.

When asked to think about men in the tech industry, they don’t have to be brilliant — and all that matters is if they CAN do the job, not do the job flawlessly and be the kind of Barbie-meets-June-Cleaver kind of gal…

So, male privilege comes up when men can simply be interested and engaged in their jobs and women need to be flawless on and off the job.. In other words, it’s more or less the right to be flawed, average, ho hum or whatever.. men have it, women in tech fields don’t.


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August 7, 2013 · 4:39 pm

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