In case you’re  thinking about getting a Ph.D…

.. as one who has one, and will be paying her student loans until she’s at least 70 — don’t… really.

The pessimistic truth of it all is that universities are very similar to corporations — in that they will hire folks for as little as they can get away with, see those folks as disposable and treat them as such — and when they finally get the picture that it’s not the way to go, they’ll find another warm body for the class.  It’s called being an “adjunct” — I’m blessed not to be an adjunct, but I’ve been there in my past.  Depending on the institution and the union supporting the adjunct, it can be tolerable for a long time, but it’s simply not the case that there is any kind of professorial labor shortage… even getting a decent job at a community college is rough.


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August 7, 2013 · 7:49 am

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