same-sex marriage

Yep.. fairness..

Since 2000 the Mayo Clinic has provided benefits for same-sex partnerships… no marriage certificate required.  For heterosexual couples, getting insurance required being married — BUT, since same-sex marriage wasn’t legally permissible in Minnesota, there was no similar requirement for gay couples.

Now there is — they need to be married by the end of 2014 or benefits will be terminated.  That sounds reasonable to me — my partner is a man, I’m a woman, I have benefits and he doesn’t — in order to get benefits, we’d have to get married just like the gay folks who work for Mayo.  Seems pretty reasonable to me :)…

Actually, what would be the most reasonable would be a system in which EVERYONE had health insurance — but, that’s a pipe dream only possible in the rest of the “first” world countries whom we look down on in military matters… sigh


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August 7, 2013 · 10:49 am

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