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Wolf hunt activism — is doing wrong for a good reason actually right?

Wolf hunting has been legal in Minnesota for a while now (a year — maybe, they’ve had a full season) —

This group is working on stopping the wolf hunt by taking up some controversial measures.. It’s interesting that they aren’t going to full-fledged eco-terrorism tactics other groups have tried — such as spiking trees to prevent logging and burning down resorts under construction in remote and wild areas..

Instead, they’re advocating disruptive tactics such as disabling wolf traps, freeing trapped wolves and forming picket lines at places selling permits for wolf hunts.  In this way, they seem to be very consistent — they won’t try to save the life of one animal (wolves) by endangering other animals (humans).

In general, I’m against the wolf hunt — as I’ve said previously… it’s insane to think that killing large predators is a good idea — look at the overpopulation of the white-tailed deer… it justifies lots of deer hunting and still they’re quite prolific.  To start hunting pretty much their only predator is silly.

Additionally, because the wolf is a pack animal with a very strict hierarchy, killing an alpha could leave the pack vulnerable to starvation — because the alpha runs the hunt.

So — I think that this is the best kind of activism… doing things that aren’t dangerous to other beings, in order to save wolves.


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August 13, 2013 · 3:07 pm

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