School vouchers for… gasp.. Muslim Schools… oh the horror…

In Louisiana the Christian Right pushed for a school voucher program — they wanted the ability to divert public money to pay for a good Christian education.  It worked, Louisiana now has a school voucher program.

THEN… the shock and dismay of the Christian Right, a Muslim school applied to be part of the program — OH CRAP!!!  They’re fighting it, because — doncha know — that Islam is also a religion protected by the Constitution.. and their voucher program would lead to money for public schools being used to teach Islam.

It seems that it’s ok for public money to go for good Christian values, but not to teach the infidels —

You know what folks — I’m not sure vouchers are a good idea.  If I were raising kids in Louisiana, I’d probably be for them because the local public schools are horrifically bad— BUT, the argument against vouchers is that they end up removing the kids with the most involved parents from the public schools AND taking the per-pupil funding with them.  The result is that the public schools end up serving the students who need the most help with less money… and accelerating the decline of the public schools.

Whether or not the money goes to religious schools isn’t my concern.  Schools whose emphasis is sports, science, language, or religion doesn’t matter to me.  What matters is that kids get a good education that will permit them to get a good college education and be productive and informed members of the society.

I have to admit I find it pretty fun to see the Christian Right squirm a bit on this one, they should have stuck to trying to control womens’ vaginas — they’re good at that.


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August 19, 2013 · 9:10 am

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