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First of all — write your own stinking paper, don’t copy /heavily paraphrase from the internet.  Academic writing, especially on feminism and the social contract doesn’t read like most college students write.  A quick google search of a distinctive phrase or sentence can easily pull up a paragraph or paper you decide to copy and paste into your paper.  Make no mistake, this is cheating (plagiarism is the technical term).  I’d much rather see you write a paper in your own words that demonstrates a basic understanding — or wrong understanding — of the material.

  • The problem with protesting anything if you believe in the social contract is that the social contract CREATES the ideas of right and wrong — SO, when you protesting a law or social condition, you’re protesting the ethics and disobeying those created ideas of right and wrong.
  • Part of what I’d hoped you’d see is the contrast between Socrates and Dr. King — Socrates refused to disobey the law he’d had a hand in creating — he was a citizen in a direct democracy so he voted on the law.  Dr. King was an African American in the US South — so he didn’t have nearly as much say in the law as Socrates.  So, while Socrates thought it was wrong to disobey the social contract, Dr. King thought doing so (civil disobedience) was the only way to change a system that oppressed a large segment of persons who didn’t have the ability to have a say.

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