Breast Cancer, don’t hide it!!

of scars, me..

I had a VERY minor medical procedure done on Friday.. as it was going on, I was chatting with the doctor.

I told her that I was very open when I had breast cancer, because it was impossible to hide — and that I’m open about having had it, because it changed the way I look at the world — for a philosopher, that’s important.

Her response was interesting — and something I hadn’t thought about before..

She told me that by working, continuing on in my life etc, I was making a big contribution to the health and happiness of others..

I looked at her funny and she explained that she thought many women didn’t want to have mammograms because they’re afraid that if cancer is found, their lives will be over.  By being honest about my cancer, teaching when I was in chemo, and continuing with my life post-mastectomy etc.. I’ve shown others that your life doesn’t end with the diagnosis.

I’d never thought about it that way before — I just went about my life, had my treatments, and moved on.  I’m open about it all and never thought that someone wouldn’t get treatment because they’re afraid of everything changing post-cancer.

Then again, my perspective on the world changed (for the better, I hope) — and, while my job didn’t change much about my life did change after cancer — and I’m glad it did.

So — there’s that.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month — go out and hug a breast cancer patient or something —


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