IVF — the miracle of family..

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I should start by saying that there are lots of considerations before starting IVF..

  • It seems to me that there are plenty of kids already existing that could  use good parents.
  • Your beliefs about the beginning of “life” should include the idea that “life” doesn’t begin at conception.. because, lots of extra conceptions will happen, and likely be destroyed once your family is complete.
  • If you need a surrogate, donors etc — those folks can complicate life later — be prepared to deal with those complications.
  • Your kids may ask how they came to be — you should be willing to be open about that..

That being said, let me tell you about one family that could only exist because of fertility treatments..

It has two moms — one of whom is a very good friend of mine.

The moms are a great couple — one is sparky, the other calm.  One is athletic and outgoing, the other relaxed and quiet.  Both love their kids, a lot.

Their first pregnancy resulted in a son — he’s adorable and about 5 or 6 years old right now.  He’s spunky, funny and generally a great little person.

The second pregnancy brought the son twin sisters — one of whom is pretty accident prone (her moms are on first-name basis with the urgent care folks).  The other is sweet and kind of feminine…

Thanks to a change in the law, their moms will be married over the winter — and I’m happy for all of them.

Without a sperm donor and IVF, none of these fantastic kids would exist.


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