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So — getting married on December 15 — he’s a sweetie… some of you may run into him on campus — be nice :).  No, you won’t meet him in my classes…

Eventually I’ll be changing my name to Smith — I hope it will be before Spring semester starts — so, if you’re looking for me, look for Patty Smith.  The reasoning is pretty simple, legally I’m Courtney — but I don’t have any connection to the Courtneys (my dad and grandfather have been dead a long time, my sister has been gone for 12 years and I’m not even sure where my uncle and Courtney cousins ARE…), I don’t want to stay Steck — at all… and the Smith family is awesome, so I’ll be one of them :).

IF  you’re looking for a logic class, I’m teaching it Tuesday / Thursday at 11:00 and 2:15 — the class should be listed as either Steck or Smith, so go ahead and take it — logic is different from every other philosophy class.  It fulfills the MnTC goal 4 and most of my classes every semester test into developmental math.  They also generally do pretty well if they come to class and do their homework — so, there’s that.

I’m teaching a couple of online Ethics courses this spring as well — they’re short (8 weeks) and are likely to have a structure similar, but distinct, from the online courses I’m doing now.  If you need a goal 6 and/or a goal 9 course, Ethics has both (so do Biomedical Ethics — so don’t take both).

Finally, I’ll be teaching Environmental Ethics online in the spring semester.  It’s a 2000 level ethics course I developed on my sabbatical.  It’s a goal 6 and 10 (people and their relationship to the natural world, I think…).  It should be interesting and the topic is lots of fun.


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