So, it’s a new semester…

Welcome to Spring 2014 — it’s going to be a wild ride, or — maybe just like most of the other semesters I’ve taught, we’ll see :).

A few tips for getting started — or, really just one… don’t get behind.

You’ll probably need some extra time to get used to the readings, because philosophy is hard.  Take the time to look at the subjects in the resources under “useful course materials” — just under the “crucial course materials” area in content.  Get familiar with those resources because they can help you understand the hard stuff.

Make sure you plan enough time to take the quiz a couple of times AND write a good paper.  It’s not easy, but you can do it.

Write thoughtful posts in the discussions and if you’re lucky enough to have a class with a debate element, have fun with that assignment — I really mean it, I coached debate for a long time in college and I set this activity up in a way that I hope works to make you both work with a small group of students every round, AND think creatively and persuasively about your topics.

Just an FYI — my name is changing, right now my e-mail is — soon it will be some version of Patricia Smith @century — but, since that process involves some magical work in HR/ my dean’s office, I don’t quite know what my new e-mail will be as of yet… Yes, I got married to my sweetie Andy — it was beautiful, very small, very personal and wonderful.. so — there’s that :).


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