Animal Rights… and the Matrix?


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Those of you who, like me, are owned by cats know this to be true :).

Recently my husband and I have become more conscious of what we eat — just trying to eat healthy and not necessarily going to vegetarianism, then this story made me think twice about eating commercially produced chicken..

The questions it raises are good ones –and the concept of eating a chicken that spent its life hooked up to the Chicken-Matrix, blind and receiving shocks to promote muscle development, after having its cerebral-cortex removed, as well as its beaks and feet makes me want to dive right into a batch of vegetarian chili..

So, the question is whether it’s more humane for the chicken to be unaware of its surroundings, or to be packed into a more traditional commercial meat production facility?  I’m not sure about that answer, I suspect that it is actually more humane to remove their sensation, but it kinda makes me sick either way.


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