Sex… some choices are ok, others aren’t?

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In my spare time (i.e. while folding the laundry), I’ve been watching “Sister Wives

As you may have figured out by now, I’m a feminist.  I’m married to a man who is my partner.  I happen to make more money than he does, and he happens to be a much better cook than I am.  It works out that I buy the groceries, he cooks them…

IF we were a gay couple, it would generally be ok with society and in many states we could get married.  BUT, if we were a polyamorous couple/triad, a polygamous group etc, we’d be looked down upon.

The problem is folks like Warren Jeffs — who seem to conclude that their faith-based call to have multiple wives trumps basic decency, child abuse law etc.  What’s refreshing about the show Sister Wives is that every wife enters into the relationship as an adult.  They are not related (although one of the wives’ mother is married to the husband’s dad — or something like that).  They send their kids to public school and generally give them the freedom to see the options other folks take. They have decided, as adults, to arrange their family lives in an unusual way, but a way that works for them.

It doesn’t take long watching the show to conclude that the husband is a goof-ball, and the real strength of the family is the wives’ relationships with one another.  They actually like their alone time, they know where he is when he’s not with them, and clearly he has sex with all of them, as he has at least 18 kids between the 4 wives.

I’m not sure why we ought to be judging their behavior?  They choose to live that way, they can leave just as easily as any other married person, yet one of the themes of the early shows is their persecution by the Utah authorities…


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