Virtue Ethics, do what a good person would do…

blog hermione granger


Yep, that’s Hermione, she’s so SURE of the right thing to do… follow her…

or, maybe not…

Virtue ethics is appealing in a basic way, because it encourages us to model our behavior after the behavior of others who seem good.  Of course, that leads to a very tight-circular definition when we ask how to identify who is ‘good’, well, of course, they’re acting like other ‘good’ people… huh?

Although, it seems also pretty intuitive that we learn to be good from seeing others DO good…. so, how to sort it out?

The basic idea is one of finding the ‘mean’ between the extremes of behavior, this will lead you to the virtues, and then your goal isn’t exactly to be a copy-cat of people you think are ‘good’, but instead you should lead your life so that you’re always trying to act-out those virtues..

Which, in the end, isn’t exactly like following around a good person and acting like them, but it’s kinda close…




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2 responses to “Virtue Ethics, do what a good person would do…

  1. Maybe a better question is what is a ‘good’ person and why does human nature not have any internal moral foundation that would inform reason to know what is good? What ever ‘progress’ our species may have made in history, it remains wholly insufficient to meets the demands of the future. And what offering does philosophy have, that carries the authority to define such things for the future?

  2. The American television producer and actor did some important fashion choices in the period of 80’s. You may be surprised to learn that, apparently, the first derby was not started on the first Saturday in May (this tradition came later).

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