Experts actually ARE experts…

OR — just because they disagree with you, doesn’t mean that you’re right and they’re wrong…

This article hits on one of the things that really bugs me about student papers.  When students dismiss a philosopher’s well-considered opinion as ‘just an opinion’ or say that ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion’ — it makes me want to stop reading– and that’s not good for you.

When you write a paper, you should THINK about the ideas that are opposite of your own — then you should do some research to find out whether or not YOUR position is credible.  Especially in the realm of philosophy, the articles you’re reading have been selected because the authors actually DO know something.  Philosophers think deeply about both their own positions AND the opposing arguments.  They’ve selected evidence that makes sense to support their position and they explain WHY that evidence supports their position.  You should follow the same path.


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January 20, 2014 · 1:36 pm

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