October / boobies can kill ya month / pinkwashing sucks… (I can’t pick a title..).


This is an EXCELLENT article about Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Go read it — really.

Breast cancer is a terrible, awful, horrible, horrific thing.  I know, I had it.

If you could see me right now (in my pajamas — I’m glad  you can’t) — you’d see one pretty decent sized breast on the right and nothing on the left (under my shirt, don’t be a perv).  I’ve been like that for 6 years — and when I’m out and about I wear a gell-filled boob shaped thing in my bra.  I’m used to it, I sometimes go out without it on etc.. 

I have to say I can empathize with this author.  Seeing my facebook fill up with photos of two healthy boobs and no bra during an already icky month just makes me want to run away to the woods where there is no internet.  

It’s also a good lesson in learning where your “support” dollars go.  Many of the companies with pink packaging, pink ribbons etc… actually give very little to support breast cancer patients or research.  They want to use the fear of breast cancer and/or pity for breast cancer patients to sell  you stuff.  Don’t buy into it if you can help it (I’ve actually been faced with NOT being able to buy some products because they ALL have pink on them — cat food was a memorable example… tick tacks is another).  

I’m grateful that my cancer isn’t something to be ashamed of, and I appreciate all of the support for research and awareness — but I hate that corporations have started to use that good will to sell stuff — so, instead of buying something why not do something like get a mammogram?  Make sure that your daughter knows about how to do breast self-exams… give some money directly to a good cause — call your local hospital to see if you can do something to support patients (sometimes simple things like a ride home from chemo are crucial) .  


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