Vacations, travel, and former students…



'National Lampoon's Vacation' Movie Stills 

We did a lot of traveling this summer — we love to spend time up north (Isabella — on Highway 1 between Ely and Finland, don’t blink or you’ll miss it).

We spent some family time in Florida caring for my mom and her mom (my mom is in her 70s, her mom is 97).  

We also spent time in Colorado — driving there is kind of hellacious, but being there is heavenly.  

Sometimes we felt like we were in the family truckster headed off a cliff, but usually it was good…. although, remember that there are a lot of things in Florida that can kill you (heat, people, animals, the ocean etc..) and it’s HOT as heck in Florida in July.

We spent some time in Denver with family, then headed up to Frisco Colorado (no, not short for San Francisco, just Frisco).  The first person we talked to in the town was working a truck selling fresh veggies — she turned out to be a former logic student.  Yep, it’s a small world.  By this time my hubby is used to me meeting former students in unusual places… but this was about as far away as I’ve run into one.  

If you’re going to Colorado, look for rental ski-condos in the summer — and go to non-ski places in the winter for the best rates.  No comment on the stuff Colorado has recently legalized, it’s not legal where I live –’nuff said.

Now — it’s time to come back to class.  We’ll still travel as much as we can — as a couple and as a family, but for the time being we’re pretty much staying in Minnesota…. until, maybe January when we’ll try to go back to our favorite city ever — New Orleans… or, maybe we’ll sneak back out to Colorado over fall break… or…. 

yep, it’s always the “or….” that gets us :).  That’s the life of a philosopher married to a landscape photographer… 



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