I can’t adopt them all — I can’t save them all…


I have two cats — the cat above is Terra… her partner in crime, snuggles, fights, random running around the house in the middle of the night, and demanding food when I’m sleeping – is Scarlett…

I’m also active on facebook — and that’s kind of the problem today…

Like most folks, my facebook friends love animals.. and, they’ll post photos of animals who need homes, animals in sad conditions and generally animals who need someone to love and care for them…

If I were a good utilitarian, I’d be out doing something to help those animals, or other animals in need of help.  While Bentham and Mill don’t specifically address animals, utilitarianism is the basis for animal rights as well — because animals feel pain.

This leaves me in the clutches of the “no rest” objection — which brings up the point that, instead of enjoying a cup of coffee and my breakfast this morning, I SHOULD be out in the snow helping cold and scared animals.  I should negate my own needs and focus on the beings around me that are in more need —

A good utilitarian would say that I should be doing that, just up to the point at which I’m unable to do more good…

The thing is, I can’t help all of those animals — I suppose I could help many of them, but I have other things I need to do, other responsibilities — and, frankly, I need some down time myself.

I’m also just too soft-hearted — doing that kind of work would be difficult for me (which isn’t an excuse) — and, because I can’t help, I tend not to look at the sad animals on facebook…


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