How to write a good discussion post…


Yep, the basics are on the class schedule and more are on “how do I do an assignment” — but, here’s the general idea…

For Reading Notes:

1 post covering each individual reading assigned for the class..

Each reading gets one paragraph — start with the author’s name and the reading title — then, in your own words, describe what you think the general point of the reading is… include both the conclusion and the main premises — If it works better for you, do it in bullet points, numbered points or some other way to make sense of it… you’re free to do this however works best for you.

Also, write a summary of the topic — each unit has a topic, so what I want to see is how well you’ve figured out what that topic is.  If you have questions, objections or other personal observations that apply, feel free to write more paragraphs to include those things.

You should also respond to another student’s post — tell them what you found valuable in their post, perhaps how you and the other student see things differently etc… you could also ask them questions etc… Your response should be at least 100 words and make a substantial, original contribution to the conversation.

For Watch and Respond:

1 post with a link to a video…

Write at least 100 original words making a substantial comment, summary, objection, or criticism of the video.

Respond to another student’s post doing the same thing…

For Spring 15, initial posts are due on Friday.  Responses to those posts are due on Sunday.

When you make your initial post in reading notes, the read and respond dropbox will open for the week..

When you make your initial post in watch and respond, your paper prompt for the unit will open — you don’t need to write on every paper prompt — but, those prompts are your choice of prompts for the papers due at mid-term and finals…

In general, I’m not picky about form — I am looking for content.  I’m looking to see if you understand what you’ve read and if  you are making posts that help others understand the topic for the unit.  This isn’t rocket science 🙂 — it’s a way to help you get used to writing about this stuff.

Also, you should notice that you’re not doing quizzes — this is my way of making sure you’re doing the reading…


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